How to temporarily disable or hide a product

Products in DPD Can have 3 Visibility States:


The default state for products, when a product is marked Public it will be available for purchase and visible on your Cart Index.


When a product is marked Hidden it will be available for purchase but it will not appear on your Cart Index, the only way to find it will be using a button or link generated from your DPD admin.


When a product is disabled, it is "turned off" and completely unavailable for purchase (or download by previous buyers) until the visibility state is changed to either hidden or public.  



To change a product's visibility:

  1. Select Products from the left menu of your DPD dashboard
  2. Hover your cursor over the product in question and select Edit from the menu that appears
  3. Mark the Visibility field to Disabled or Hidden and save to have the change apply


Once you've set a product to Disabled any attempt at purchasing the product will result in this page:




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